Creative Construction Club

The children got stuck into using all sorts of materials to build transport models. They could choose to work however they wanted. Lots of them decided to work in groups so there was all sorts of discussions and negotiations going on as they adapted and improved their work. Then they helped tidy the materials away at the end of the club. Great work, guys. 😀

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Krindlekrax Homework (Year 4)

A wonderful creative homework from Year 4. Well done, everybody!

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Year 5 Storytelling

Year 5 have finished their storytelling project.

There is the potential of using their work in the Ulverston Literacy Festival in November.

We have all had lots of fun and many thanks to Ian for coming in.

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SJB Virtual Competition starts

Our Year 2s have started our whole school sport competition today.

All SJB pupils will be running, throwing and jumping in PE lessons. They will aim to improve on their scores over the next few weeks.

The best classes in the country will receive trophies and the most improved pupils in each class at SJB will receive medals.

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Year 5 Science Morning at UVHS

Year 5 were making good use of our links with UVHS this morning.

They tested the absorbency and strength of kitchen rolls in their first investigation of the year.

The other half of Year 5 will go to UVHS next week and complete a new investigation.

We will be able to send two groups to the UVHS science Fair in July.

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SJB Sport Gold Award

We were presented with our third Gold Award today.

The children are keen to get another gold and then to aim for platinum.

Keep up the good work SJB

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Green Team win the house trophy

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