Filtering in Year 5

Year 5 continued their material study today with a focus on separating materials and minerals.

Our main discovery in class was that balls of cotton wool make exceptionally poor filter aids. It is far better to use a layer of cotton wool stuffed into the bottle top.

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Year 4 debate- British Values

Year 4 have also led a debate in assembly in front of KS1 and KS2.

The motion was: If we discovered aliens, should we invite them to SJB?

The children spoke very confidently for such a young group and threw themselves into rehearsals.

The vote at the end of the debate was very close: 6:4 against inviting aliens.

The hall audiences vote was also close.

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Year 6 debate- British Values

Year 6 led the second debate of the year in front of KS1 and KS2.

The motion was: If a child constantly disrespects school, should they be thrown out of school?

The children debated very well and respectfully. They acted as MPs at the end of the debate and voted for children to remain in school.

The hall audience voted in a similar way.

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Year 2 Investigating Materials

Year 2 have been investigating the absorbency of different materials this week in Science. We also created our own waterproof materials using wax crayons.

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Big Maths Prove It Time in Year 2!

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Year 1 Planting Blubs

Mrs Branton discovered some bulbs at home that she had forgotten to plant!

They had started to grow anyway so first we did some observational drawings of them, then we took them outside to plant. We are hoping they might still flower?

While we were outside we spotted lots of signs of Spring including the lovely warm weather.

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To dissolve or not to dissolve in Year 5.

Year 5 have begun their science module on materials and minerals.

We always enjoy this topic and we started with testing four different materials and minerals.

Next week we will look at reversible changes: how to recover materials and minerals from water.

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