Year 1 – Experimenting with Pattern

We are going to make some hot air balloons.

We’ve been thinking about how we might decorate them so we used lines, shapes and colours to explore patterns we might use.

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Year 1 – Finding Quarters

We found out that if you cut something in half, then cut it in half again you get four equal parts called quarters.

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Through to Tag Rugby final

Well done to our two tag rugby teams for your efforts today. They played two 20 minute games as they competed for a place in the Furness Finals.

One of our teams won both games and secured a place.

Our second team, which consisted of Year 5 and 4, played two Year 6 teams and competed superbly against them. They did not reach the final but have a brilliant starting point for next year.

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First Weekend Walk

Our first walk this year was up to Haverthwaite Heights. 28 humans and 8 canines climbed to the top where the we could see all of Greenodd Estuary.

We walked through the woods and then had a cup of tea at the steam railway. The children naturally headed for the park and the owl display.

Luckily, we were able to catch the blue bells just before they start to wane.

Our next walk will be on the 8th of June and it will be slightly more vigorous: Coniston Old Man.

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Year 4 are monkeying around

Year 4 spent Friday afternoon producing watercolour pictures of orangutans. We used our knowledge of the paints to mix suitable colours and apply these to the orangutans. We have focussed on these great apes as we have been reading Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Morpurgo. The children are working incredibly hard across the curriculum and seem to be really interested in the story.

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Fell Foot orienteering Year 5 and 6

We avoided the showers today and our 17 strong group sprinted around Fell Foot Park for over an hour.

They were clearly faster as a group than last week on what was a harder course.

They all know this sport is not easy and Year 5 in particular should be pleased with how quickly they are picking up the skills.

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Year 4 tennis tournament

4 pupils from Year 4 went to Ulverston Leisure Centre today for the School Games tennis tournament.

Our teachers said they were a superb group to take to a sport event and they scored 18 points.

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