The Little Red Hen

This week in Nursery, we have been sharing the story of The Little Red Hen. She grows some wheat and makes some bread all by herself as none of her friends will help her. Then they all want to eat the bread even though they haven’t done any work. The children all thought this was very unfair and so have tried really hard in our Nursery class to help each other and their teachers. It has been a super week where the children have learnt lots about where our food comes from, had lots of experiences of cooking and preparing food themselves and also learning how to work together as a team.

Great work, Nursery!

Make bread to eat.
Playing with yeasty dough.
Hen’s faces
Little Red Hens
Exploring grains of wheat
Sharing out our loaf of bread.
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Year 2 – The Fisherman’s Lunch

Year 2 have been busy this week writing their own version of The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.

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Small Loose Parts Play

Nursery enjoyed exploring creating art with our different materials.

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A busy day in Year 1

We have had a very busy day in Year 1. In English, we loved writing our news. We enjoyed using the play-Doh to help us with our finger spaces. This afternoon, we discussed the colours of Autumn trees and drew some trees in our sketch books. We will be using them later in the week to help us do some printing.

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Anglo-Saxon Year 5

The fun continues in Year Five! This week we have been writing in Anglo-Saxon runes and making brooches fit for a king!

(We’ve also done a little bit of Maths and English as well 😉)

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Year 2 Maths Problem Solving

Year 2 have been busy this morning solving a Maths problem solving question. How many ways can they make 10 using the spinner?

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Year 2 Maths

Year 2 have been looking at 2D shapes this week. Today we have been identifying irregular 2D shapes.

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Year 6 Science

Year 6 have been learning about classification of living things. This afternoon we took our learning outside and investigated the plants and invertebrates living in the wildlife garden and kitchen garden.

Thank you to everyone for supporting your children’s learning on this topic. They have shared some amazing information in our lessons. Definitely some future entomologists in this class!

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The Big Bad Wolf

Year 1 have written some excellent character descriptions of the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood. Can you help us find him?

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A rainy day in Nursery

A little bit of rain won’t stop play in Nursery so the children got themselves kitted up in waterproofs and explored colours by squirting diluted paint into the puddles. It made a wonderful mix of rainbow colours 🌈🌧☀️

Of course, then we had to have the big clear up with soapy water. The children had loads of fun with all the bubbles and also strengthened their core muscles ready for writing too!

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