Eco-School Launch

Year 3 have some great environmentally friendly ideas!

Our ‘Show the Love’ border for our new Eco-Board is going to look amazing.

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Science Year 3

We had a great afternoon investigating rocks yesterday.

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Year 1… dragon traps!

Today, in English Year 1 have been busy making some traps to catch a naughty dragon. We learned that instructions need to use bossy verbs, be specific, make sense and be in the right order! The children read their instructions carefully and worked together to make their own dragon traps. Tomorrow we will be writing up our instructions before our Big Write on Thursday.

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Year 1 history

This term we are learning all about kings and queens from the past. The children have been learning lots of new vocabulary such as, monarch, coronation and heir. Today, they learned how the title of king or queen is passed down. They worked extremely hard with a partner, using popplet, to make a family tree of their families. They enjoyed discussing who would be the king or queen in their family!

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Year 2 Science

Year 2 spent the afternoon investigating which material was best to absorb liquids.

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Year 3 Little Lifers First Aid Training

Year 3 all completed a first aid training course this afternoon.

They did brilliantly with the practical tasks with the help of Flat Stan!

Thanks to Natalie for a really informative afternoon, it’s great to know that year 3 are now well prepared to help, in the event of an emergency.

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Meet Trine (Sprite), our rescued turtle.

With the help of Amy (Mrs Harris’s daughter), we now have a picture of our rescued turtle, ‘Trine’ (pronounced Trin-ee), meaning ‘pure’ in Greek. Trine bears the scars of the propeller blade that injured him/her (not sure!), although we are happy to say that he/she is recovering well in expert hands. Thank you to all those who helped support this excellent cause and also to all the volunteers like Amy who give so freely of their time and care.

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