Year 5 Mayan Masks.

In Year 5 we have started looking at the ancient Maya civilisation. This week we have designed and made our own Mayan masks. The Maya used masks for celebrations, rituals and even in tombs!

We looked at one of the most famous Mayan masks. It was found in the royal tomb of Pakal the Great. It is mosaic made from jade.

We used this mask as our template made our masks using mosaics of shiny and animal print paper.

We are looking forward to filling the rest of the board!

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Year 6 Science

We have started our new science topic by finding out about the work of Carl Linnaeus.

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Year 1 Plants work

Year one have worked especially hard the past two weeks in Science. We have finished our topic on plants and trees. One of our favourite parts of this week was going outside to discover what trees are around our school. We took some leaves and created some lovely leaf rubbings using wax crayons. We enjoyed this so much we created more than one! Take a look at some of our fantastic work from the past two weeks.

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Bike to school week!

Everyone is welcome to bring their bikes and scooters to school next week.

We have lots of space in our new bike sheds.

We would ask that children act responsibly when waiting to come into school. They MUST walk with their bike when they come into the school grounds.

We think it is very important that our children are as active as possible at the moment.

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Year 4 Autumnal Creatures

Well done, Year 4, on brightening our classroom entrance with these lovely autumnal creatures. Leafy hedgehogs, squirrels and even a deer and a late season butterfly. Isn’t nature wonderful!

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Mr Grinling’s Packed Lunch

Year Two have been writing list poems about what’s inside Mr Grinling’s packed lunch from The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch.

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Glasses found

Please tell Mrs Fletcher if these are yours.

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Year 6: Moving to Secondary School

Find out more about the local secondary schools by looking at their websites. Message Mrs Fletcher if you are not sure how to apply for your child’s place.

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Cross Country at SJB

All of our KS2 children have been out completing a cross country challenge today.

We have been asked to complete a course and set a time by our School Games Organiser. Every school in Furness will do it as part of a virtual competition. We are all determined to beat our times next week.

All those who beat their first time will receive a certificate.

Mr Maher is not interested in who comes first. He would rather everyone shows some determination and beats their time.

We are looking forward to the day when we can go and compete against other schools. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR!

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The SJB library

We would like our children to have access to all these lovely books. Classes are going to be timetabled to visit the library. They will wash or sanitise their hands before and after their visit. There will be a gap of two or three days between classes. We will alternate younger and older children as they will use different shelves and baskets. Books can go home and will be quarantined before going back on the library shelves.

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