Happy Summer Holidays from Nursery!

The children in Nursery have worked extremely hard through all the terms. This year they have …

Read hundreds of books,

Become pirates with hooks,

Rode the bikes in a storm,

Getting togged up became the norm!

Made huge boats,

Learnt about rhyming with goats.

We built the tallest tower,

Made Titch’s biscuits with flour.

We got a swing,

We love to sing,

Every child has grown at least an inch

They performed the Greatest Showman under the golden fringe.

We calmed down with yoga,

So we didn’t become ogres!

All in all Nursery have learnt a lot

But the best thing is – is that they give it all they’ve got!

Have a fantastic summer and a well deserved rest!

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BBC Bring the noise school

We are delighted to announce that SJB has become a BBC Bring the noise school! Throughout the coming year we will be continuing to develop our music curriculum and start exciting new music opportunities!

This year we have been working hard on providing musical experiences and lessons for all the children. Every key stage has had the chance to learn an instrument. We provide the children access to ‘gateway instruments’ that will give the children the basic skills which they an apply then to any instrument in the future.

In the Early Years, Nursery have been beginning to play the triangle and in Reception the children have been beginning to learn the djembe drum. In Key Stage One the children have been beginning to learn the recorder. In Key Stage Two the children have learnt the ukulele and the glockenspiel.

In school we are also very proud to have our very own drumming club and two school choirs.

We are looking forward to the future!

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Farewell Mr Emms

We all said a very fond farewell to Mr Emms today in a whole school assembly with a “THIS IS YOUR LIFE” theme.

200 children wore beards in assembly creating what is collectively know as a babble of beards.

We shall all remember Mr Emms for his music skills, ICT knowledge and football club.

We shall also remember him for his many fancy dress costumes, sports cars and his love of bourbon biscuits.

His final message to the children was to enjoy every moment of life. Well said sir.

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100% Attendance for the whole school year!

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100% attendance for Summer Term

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Barrow Raiders in school

Year 4 and 5 received coaching from two Barrow Raiders players today.

They were friendly and extremely keen for the children to develop their rugby.

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SJB’s Production of Oliver – July 2019

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