SJB sport gold award

SJB has, for a second year running, achieved a gold award for the school games mark.

Our Year 6 leavers in particular deserve a huge amount of credit for this achievement.

We have made lots of progress in sport but there is still more we can do next year.

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SJB Playtimes Meet The Chair Of Governors

The fantastic editorial team behind SJB Playtimes carried out a probing interview with our Chair of Governors, Jan Heffernan. The children came up with their own questions and grilled Mrs Heffernan on everything from her responsibilities as the chair of governors to her favourite Star Wars character.

We would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to the children involved in SJB Playtimes for all their hard-work throughout the year! You have created something wonderful that we hope will continue next year.

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Year 5 teaching PE

Year 5 have spent two afternoons teaching reception children PE skills they themselves have learnt.

They chose activities and were given freedom on how they taught the younger children.

We were extremely pleased with how they communicated and encouraged them.

These are the really great moments where you can step back and watch 60 children learning from each other.

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Sizergh wild trail

The Reception Class had a great day out in the woods in the grounds of Sizergh Castle. We had an adventure along the Wild Trail with lots of challenges along the way. The children had to scramble, climb, balance and swing over all sorts of obstacles. Even getting into the woods was tricky as we had to climb across stepping stones and a huge stile. They soon got into the swing of it and encouraged each other all the way round. Of course we took a break for a lovely picnic lunch in the field. A big thank you to the mums and dads who came to help out. We couldn’t do these trips without you.

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Year 3 Story Telling

Children from Year 3 took part in the Furness Tradition Folk Festival at the Coronation Hall on Saturday. Working in groups they told stories using the skills they have learned from Dominic Kelly over the last few weeks. They ‘zipped’ and ‘unzipped’ characters, changed voices and used their hands in different positions to bring the tales to life. Thank you to Dominic for teaching us and to John for enabling us to take part in the project.

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Final weekend walk

A group of SJB parents and children walked up Coniston Old Man today. This was the final weekend walk of the year and by far the longest.

Far from being tired, the children climbed in good spirits and many even braved a swim in Goats Water.

We have done 3 walks this school year. We will look to increase this and get into the Lake District more often during the next school year.

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A small but merry band joined the carnival last Saturday. Thank you to everyone who came along.

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