Year 5 Grizedale Visit

The University of Cumbria followed up their visit to SJB in October by inviting Year 5 to Grizedale for a day of practical activities based on The Vikings.

The students from the university prepared 5 activities which included: Viking art, navigation, shelter building and 2 team building exercises. The children got a huge amount out of the day and it was great to see them in such good spirits despite the cold and particularly windy roads.

An enormous thanks must go to the students who arrived well before us to set up the activities and who had obviously prepared them well in advance.

Year 5 would also like to thank our three helpers who came along for the day. We only get these experiences because of you!


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Sports Leaders

This term we have been lucky enough to have had some Sports Leaders in  school, from UVHS, helping our children with multi skills and maths.  Children from year 3 , 4 and 5 have enjoyed activities to improve health and fitness with an added dimension of maths!  Not only did they build up their stamina and fitness they had to use their brains to solve problems, follow directions and work out scores. Thank you to UVHS and Mr Quint for organising this.

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Matchstick men and matchstick cats and dogs – Year 3 clay work

Year 3 continued their art based on Lowry and inspired by their visit to the Lowry Gallery.  . Their clay models are now drying (slowly) in the classroom.

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Year 3 Demonstration of Human Digestion

Things got a bit sticky in Year 3 today as we demonstrated how the human digestion system works.  We used a plastic bag to represent the stomach, tights for the small intestines, a paper cup for the large intestines and a metal tray as the body.  A banana and some wholemeal bread went on a journey from the stomach to the large intestine. A very hands on lesson!

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SJB Parliament

Year 6 demonstrated their debating skills on Friday with the motion: Should all bullies be punished?

15 children debated the key issues involved in front of Year 3, 4 and 5. The children were told that debating also takes place at Westminster and is a key principle of our democracy.

All the children in the audience expressed their own thoughts but they were reminded that it is only those elected during elections who will vote in The Houses of Parliament. The 15 children took on the role of MPs voting on behalf of the people.

It was an extremely close vote and the end result was 8:7 voting in favour of punishment.

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A BIG thank you to everyone who contributed towards our annual involvement with ‘Boxes of Hope’, the charity which sends shoeboxes of Christmas presents from Cumbria to underprivileged children in Romania. This year we sent sixty-eight boxes, many of which were packed by our Year 6 children. As you can see from the photographs, the children really learned that “it is in giving that we receive” – a great lesson for life. With special thanks to our wonderful knitters/crocheters. The time and effort you put in to the making of hats, scarves and soft toys is considerable and VERY much appreciated.

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Science Open Afternoon 2016

Last Friday, SJB welcomed parents and members of the local community for an afternoon of science.

Year 6 took charge of 12 experiments in the hall and many showed great organisational skills and innovation as the afternoon progressed. The boys with the soda water had to really persevere as the raisins, which were supposed to be floating, refused to budge. They quickly filled a larger container and solved the problem without a commotion.

Mr Maher would like to particularly thank the three boys who took charge of the bridge experiment. They had never done this before and explaining the significance of it to younger children was not easy.

Many of our visitors were pleased to see that practical science is at the forefront of our science curriculum.

Many thanks to all who attended and a big thanks to Year 6 for your efforts on the day.

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