Year 2 Mixing Powder Paint!

Year 2 have been exploring mixing powder paint as part of their Art curriculum. We used primary colours to make secondary colours. We didn’t get messy at all!!! 🤔

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Coniston to Barrow

Year 2 were impressed to hear about Noah completing the Coniston to Barrow this weekend! Apparently it was easy and he wasn’t tired from doing it! It has inspired a few more children in the class to want to try it next year! Well done Noah! 👍

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End of busy week of sport-tennis tournament

Our week has finished with SJB taking part in the Year 5/6 tennis tournament at Hoops.

Three of our students had never been to a sport competition like this and we are determined to give all our Year 5 and 6 children as many chances as possible to compete in sport competitions.

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Woodland orienteering in Cartmel

Our third orienteering competition took place in Cartmel today.

16 children sprinted through woodland filled with bluebells as their training continued for the finals in June.

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Art in Year 1

We refined our pattern ideas today and used oil pastels to colour in hot air balloons.

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Year 5 Siemens visit

Year 5 had another great science visit today.

We walked to Siemens and were given a guided tour of the factory.

We also completed two activities linked to our science curriculum.

We would like to pass on our thanks to Mark and team for an excellent afternoon.

Teachers thought the children asked some particularly good questions today. We are delighted that the team at Siemens thought the same.

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Year 2 investigate seed dispersal

Year 2 have been looking at the different ways trees disperse their seeds in Science. We also looked at the sycamore tree seeds and made our own paper versions.

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