KS2 Sports Day

KS2 children had their sports day on Tuesday.

On the hottest day of the year, the children all went outside for their morning and afternoon activities. They were armed to the teeth with sun cream, water bottles and sun hats as the temperature reached a whopping 32 degrees at 2pm.

All the children took part in several activities in the morning: sprinting, hurdles, javelin, egg and spoon and long jump. Although the temperature was rising, all the teachers were very impressed by the effort being put in.

Teachers were on the lookout for those children who showed good sporting qualities: passion, team work, determination, self-belief, honesty and respect. Trophies will be given out to children who most clearly demonstrated these qualities. It will NOT be easy deciding who gets each trophy. There are many contenders!

We were joined in the afternoon by parents and carers who lined the running track to support the children. All year groups did a 1/2 mile challenge with some great sportsmanship and racing on show. This was followed by an obstacle course and relays.

Many thanks to Mrs Hartley, Mrs Dearden, Mrs Parker and all the helpers from UVHS. We all had a great day.



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The Y6 Human Histogram

On the 8th July Year 6 created a human histogram based on their heights.  Having collected data on the whole year group, they then mapped this in human form, marked out a life-size histogram and then compared this to a range of data on Year 6 heights collected in previous years.

This practical activity was the first part of a maths tutorial from Jan Heffernan our chair of governors.  We heard about the interesting directions a career in maths can take and  the application of maths to real-life situations.  Many thanks to Mrs Heffernan for coming to speak to us.

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The chicks are back!

The Reception Class were thrilled to have a visit from two of our chicks and were keen to see how they had changed.  The children thought the birds would be brown like most hens and so were very surprised when Miss Porter opened their box and we saw they were white. They certainly have grown but aren’t their full size yet. The birds were very inquisitive and wanted to explore but not all of the children were too keen to get close. They got more confident when the adults picked up the birds and let them stroke them. Some children even had a go at holding them themselves. A big thank you to Keith for bringing them in to school and to Mrs Ashurst for looking after them. 

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Year 1 Coronation Hall Visit

Over the past month, Year 1 have had the chance to visit the Coronation Hall four times to take part in an arts project. The arts project was organised by local artist John Hall and involved making a large map of Ulverston using a range of different materials. The first session involved the children using an aerial view of Ulverston to find where the roads should be placed on their canvas. During the next few sessions the children worked in small teams to sort, cut and glue materials in the correct place on their map. As the map started to take shape, the children had to be very careful to ensure they were placing their materials in accordance with the aerial view. The children were very lucky to receive the help and support of local artists John and Alex and were inspired by their enthusiasm and leadership of the project. The class were extremely proud of the finished map and look forward to seeing it exhibited in the near future.



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Year 4 – Vorteka Visit

Year 4 were lucky enough to receive a visit from Vorteka Virtual Realities. The children had the chance to explore the world of virtual reality through the Oculus Rift headset. Phil (the VR guru) explained to the children how the headset worked, how their movements were detected, how the sensors knew their exact position in the room and how all of this processing happened at great speed (over 90 times a second). The children were then given the opportunity to sample the virtual world. From standing on top of a New York skyscraper to being chased through an old building by a T-Rex, it was certainly an afternoon that Year 4 won’t forget in a hurry!

We would like to say a huge SJB ‘THANK YOU’ to Phil from Vorteka for giving up his time and coming in to visit us!




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The Infants Sports Day at UVHS

Luckily the weather was on our side yesterday when the Infant children went up to UVHS for their annual Sports Day. Lots of mums, dads, grandparents and other family members came along to support the boys and girls. There were 6 activities for the children to take part in – throwing bean bags into a hoop, the obstacle race, egg and spoon race, throwing the javelins (made of foam), jumping the hurdles and the sack race. They had a great time and showed real sporting qualities. Then the children had running races with their classes. Little brothers and sisters got a turn too as well as the mums and dads. A huge thank you to the UVHS sports staff as well as the sports leaders who set up the races and then helped the boys and girls take part. Thanks to all the families who came along to support the children and make it a special afternoon.

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Nail Biting

Year 3 took part in some more Forest Schools on Wednesday.

The class used hammers and nails to build boxes and could be seen along the whole length of running track working hard in groups.

The weather was much improved on last week and the children could concentrate on their work without being under attack from the rain.

Well done Year 3 and many thanks to all of those who provide opportunities for the children to work outdoors.

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