Year 3 and 4 sporthall athletics.

12 pupils from Year 3 and 4 went to Furness Academy today for an athletics completion involving 20+ schools.

They performed exceptionally well and their behaviour was also excellent.

We will have the results by tomorrow.

The children exceeded expectations in all areas so we are already proud of them.

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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Rehearsals are going well.

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We have been reading a funny, strange and thought-provoking book in Year 3. It’s called A Boy and a Bear in a Boat and is by Dave Shelton. In the story, the boy and the bear build a raft – not entirely successfully as it turns out. As an extra homework challenge, a couple of people made rafts at home. Well done Alicia and Jared!

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Healthy sandwiches

Year 3 made healthy sandwiches on Friday. The children chose from a range of fillings. They chopped, grated and assembled. Later that afternoon the children enjoyed their sandwiches in the shelter near their classroom. We have been learning about the Jewish festival of Sukkot. At this time food is enjoyed with friends and family in a specially decorated shelter.

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How important is reading at home?

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Little extra in Year 5

Some children in Year 5 have been using maths games designed by University of Cumbria students. One involved time and one was very handy for learning times tables.

They have all enjoyed using them.

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Reception win national sport competition

All of the Reception class should be very pleased with themselves because they have won a national competition involving running, throwing and jumping.

Other classes have done very well too and results can be found on The School Run site.

Here are three children from Reception who excelled in the event and boosted their classes score.

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