Day 2- Keeping us active

Just some other ideas from Barrow Raiders to keep us active at home.

Mr Maher is trying hard to show he’s not shattered.

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Solar System from paper mache

We spent the afternoon making a paper mache Solar System.

We found that Earth was the hardest one to paint.

Please send in any other paper mache ideas.

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The Giggler Treatment chapters 2 and 3

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Good Morning SJB

Another sunny morning. Chapters 2 and 3 of the Gigglers coming up next.

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#teamsjb – Updated!

We have loved seeing what you’ve been up to today. Can you spot yourself? Keep then coming and we will do another post on Friday! 🙂

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Keeping fit with Barrow Raiders

Barrow Raiders will be posting a fitness video every day on Facebook. This will be for their own players during this period and for beginners too. SJB has good links with Barrow Raiders (as shown below from early March) and we wish everybody involved with the team well.

Mr Maher’s brother is designing the sessions and they will both demonstrating how to do the exercises from home. Their first one gives you the general idea and more will follow:

We hope this gives you some extra ideas of how to stay healthy at home. There are some amazing fitness ideas already out there.

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Plant Pot Pyramids

We set off to do some gardening but got distracted by building pyramids! You could try that one afternoon.

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