Snowy day.


What do you do when it snows overnight? Well….go play in it of course!

The Reception and Nursery class took advantage of a snowy day and went to play in it. They loved it! They built (very small) snowmen, threw snowballs (not in anybody’s face) and made snow angels. The Reception class brought some big ‘trays’ which they either pulled or pushed around in the snow. The ‘tray’s ‘ were big enough for children to sit on and have a ride. So some children took turns to sit on them whilst others pulled or pushed them around. Really good for developing their gross motor skills.

After so much fun in the snow we went back to our class and enjoyed some warm blackcurrant juice or hot chocolate and a piece of toast, some fruit or a carrot.



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Ice Cold in Robinwood

All of Year 5 took part in our annual residential to Robinwood last week.

Despite the forecast and the ominous looking clouds over Hartside Pass, we arrived in good time and walked to the centre without incident.

The children went straight into their activities with Mr Maher’s group enjoying the warmth of the caves. However, Mrs Tomsett’s group had to dress up as though they were preparing for an Antarctic expedition when they went on The Giant Swing.

We asked the group leaders to focus on listening and teamwork skills this year and the whole class demonstrated these attributes during their 14 activities.

This year’s group were EXCELLENT in many different ways. We have never had so many children scale The Trapeze or reach level 10 on Crate Challenge. They have set a very high standard for next year’s group in behaviour as well.

Mrs Barker and Mrs Tomsett, who both joined us for the 3rd year in a row, had nothing but praise for the children. Thank you both for braving the cold and for coming with us again. Our course leaders also expressed how much fun they had with the children.

Many thanks to Robinwood organisers for having us and a special thank you to Tess, Joel and Alice (our group leaders).



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Year 4 Science – Baking Bread

For science this half term in year 4, we have been learning about states of matter  – looking particularly at reversible and irreversible changes. After we had learned about the properties of the different states of matter and looked at examples of them, we looked at the processes involved in reversible changes of the states of matter such as melting ice and freezing water or evaporation and condensation. After this, we looked at irreversible changes such as burning and chemical reactions. To put our theory into practice, we made and baked some bread to investigate if it was a reversible or irreversible change. The results were quite conclusive. Because of a chemical reaction between the ingredients, we discovered that it was an irreversible change. Irrefutable evidence and a fun and tasty way to learn!

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Jewellery making in Year 3 and 4

We’ve been very busy in Year 3 and 4. Over the last couple of weeks we have been making beads from coloured paper. Beads have been found in the area of the ancient civilisation in the Indus Valley.  These artefacts suggest that people made jewellery.  It’s a little bit fiddly but the results are very effective.  Thank you to Mrs Athersmith for coming in to help us.DSCN2186

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Year 2 Big Maths Prove It!

Year 2 persevered and kept going to solve a tricky Big Maths Prove It task this week.

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Where the Wild Things Are!

As part of Year 2’s work on Where the Wild Things Are, we have been busy making clay models. We had to design our own ‘wild thing’, make it out of clay and then paint our models. Year 2 then evaluated their art work.

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Swimming Gala- Report by Sophie R Year 4

8 children from SJB took part in a large swimming gala at Barrow Park Leisure Centre on Wednesday. This was the first gala that some of them had participated in and they did extremely well. We reached the finals in the Year 5 and 6 category and the Year 3 and 4 category. 5 and 6 came 5th out of 18 schools. 3 and 4 came 4th out of 18 schools.

Mrs Parker would like to stress how well behaved the children were on poolside, which can be a daunting experience at the best of times.

Sophie took part in the gala and was then asked to write a quick report on the swimming.

She wrote: “At the side of the swimming pool we saw all of the different schools swim really fast so we knew we had some competition.”

She also mentioned one of her fellow swimmers: “Although Holly H had a bad back, she still swam magnificently.” (Good use of a subordinate clause Sophie)

We have some excellent young swimmers at SJB and we look forward to our next event.

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