The Owls have flown …

to Siemens. Thank you for our delicious prizes!

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Vehicles in the Future

Year 1 have had an exciting morning thinking about what transport might be like in the future.

They worked in groups to design and make some wonderful creations!

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Nursery School Trip

Nursery had a fantastic time on their school trip to Coniston! We were lucky enough to have a boat ride with Coniston Launch around the lake. The children loved looking out for the birds and boats! Then we went to the shore and played with our spades and diggers. We have been looking at the story book ‘Peter digs a den’ by Amy Stretch-Parker and Kate Brunskill which takes place in Coniston! The children had a go at building a den just like Peter!

The children’s favourite activity by far was paddling in the water. They loved to throw stones to make a splash and we even had some children build their own stone jetty!

The children had a fantastic time – they were very tired on the way home!!

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The Reception Class Wedding

We were very lucky to go on a visit to one of our local churches, the Grace Baptist Church. Ole, the pastor, showed us around and explained what being a Baptist means. Then the children took part in a pretend wedding. They played the different parts including bride and groom, mother and father of the bride, guests, bridesmaids etc. Ole conducted the service and explained to the children what was happening as he went along. The children took it very seriously and were beautifully behaved. We finished off with some singing, dancing and confetti.

Thank you, Ole, for this lovely opportunity.

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Summer Reading Challenge – Ulverston Library

Today, Chris, from Ulverston Library, came to our school assembly to tell us about a summer reading challenge.

The challenge is to read 6 library books over the summer. The children can sign up at the library (or through the library app). There are lots of rewards along the way and, if enough children from SJB succeed, we could win some books for our school.

Let’s get reading….

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Nursery Science Day

Today for the school science day, Nursery were looking at rockets and space. This is because today is the anniversary of Apollo 11 launch and moon landing. The children watched a video of the launch from 1969, and watched the astronauts walk on the moon. They found it very funny that the astronauts were bouncing on the moon! The children then made astronaut helmet masks so they could breathe in space and built their very own rocket! At snack time the children had a special treat of a star biscuit!

The children’s favourite activity was making our very own ‘blast off’ using mints and Diet Coke. The children had to count down ready for the blast!

The children had a fabulous day and I think we have a few budding astronauts for the future!

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SJB science day

We have been very busy today at SJB.

All children from reception to Year 6 have taken part in seven science activities.

They have all looked at friction, magnetism, light, camouflage, materials and ink qualities.

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