Year 3 science

Year 3 took advantage of the lovely weather to conduct their friction experiments outside. They thought carefully about creating a fair test. As we have been learning about measures in maths, the children were able to record their results accurately.

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Ulverston cricket tournament

On Wednesday, 16 Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in the annual cricket tournament at Ulverston Leisure Centre. We were able to send two teams of 8 this year and they both had 3 games each.

Team 2 played superbly in their first game and took 9 brilliant catches. Alysha took the first catch which set off a chain of fine takes from Sam and Harry. Their second game was extremely competitive and they had to keep their cool all the way through. Because of some extremely accurate bowling from Ryan and Daniel, they just won this game and went on to win their third game thanks to some power hitting from the middle order batsman: Isaac, Rhi and Braden.

Team 1 won both of their first two matches and were eager to share scores and success with the other team. Fine catches were also taken here and balls sailed across the boundary regularly. Their final match was against a brilliant Low Furness side and they just lost this final effort.

We go to Barrow next for the county qualifiers in June. It will be very hard picking a group of 8 out of this great group of players. Thanks to Mr Quint and his Year 10s for organising this event. Well done to all the other teams who took part.

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Polish Week in the Reception Class

This week we have celebrating the Polish culture of two girls in our class. Their mums came in to teach us all about Poland and how it is similar and different to the UK. On Monday we watched a video all about the country of Poland; the mountains, beaches, castles, forests and cities. On Tuesday we did some Polish dancing to traditional folk music. On Wednesday we looked at Polish art and then made a traditional collage of our own. On Thursday we looked at wild animals. Some are found in the UK as well, such as foxes, deer and red squirrels, while others only occur in the wild areas of Poland, for instance wolves and bear. Friday was cooking day. We helped to make potato rosti with a special machine to prepare the potato. Than we tried poppy seed cake. It was delicious!

A special thank you to Gabriela and Malgorzata for all their time and hard work.  We very much appreciate it and have learnt lots.


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Talented Year 6 pupils read their own work in assembly this week.  The children had all taken part in the Rotary Young Writers Competition.  The brief was to write a short piece on the theme ‘Reflection’.

The entries were varied and the judges were impressed with the quality of all our entries.  We are proud to announce that the winner for the Ulverston district was our very own Emma Hillman.

Many thanks to Ulverston Rotary Club for organising the event and for coming along to our assembly this morning.

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Mini Tennis Competition

Congratulations to the children from Year 3 and Year 4 who took part in the Mini Tennis Competition at Ulverston Tennis Centre.  Although we didn’t win, we certainly improved on last year. Well done to all the children who play tennis at lunchtime on Tuesdays. We will be looking out for new players for the next competition.  Thanks to Mrs Parker for accompanying the tennis players on the day.

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The Return of Robinwood

Continued from yesterday…

Activities on Thursday continued into the early night. Mrs Barker’s group were joined by Mr Maher for a spot of canoeing and Mrs Tomsett’s group faced up to the climbing wall.

The final day started with the night staff once again singing the children’s praises. All children took part in three activities in quick succession and one group had The Piranha Pool last of all…

One of the most memorable moments from the residential has to be from this final activity:

Child one: (small and scared voice) There’s a piranha in there!

Teacher: (Leaning towards the pool) Yeah, but it’s ONLY a small one.

(Total panic follows with a mad dash across the pool before more piranhas are released).

It was an absolute pleasure taking the children on residential this year. All teachers and leaders were very proud of them.

Many thanks to all Robinwood staff (day, night, cooking and site) for looking after us so well. See you next year.

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Barrow Rugby Tournament

SJB’s Year 5/6 rugby team visited Hawcoat Park today for a Rugby Tournament.

The competition was as fierce as the weather at times and the team once again did themselves proud. They won two of their matches and lost their final game against a brilliant Walney team.

During their second game, they looked absolutely imperious and Braden scored a number of tries inside 5 minutes.

The cricket season starts next and we are looking forward to some more competitive games.

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