The newly formed eco committee had their first meeting in school today. They went to work straight away preparing and delivering new recycling boxes to every class. Now a range of things can be recycled in class, not just paper.

The eco committee consists of two children each from years 1 to 6 and they were full of ideas such as building more bee and bug hotels for the wildlife area and fundraising for tree planting. Izzy from year 5 took the minutes superbly.

They have been set two challenges for the Easter holidays which any one can have a go at too! The first is to do some litter picking ready for doing some in the school playground soon. Areas they plan to go to include the beach, the park, the Rope Walk, and their own street. The second is to learn to identify more trees by using their blossom. They have a spotter sheet to help which can be downloaded for free from the Woodland Trust website. How many can you spot?

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