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Bikeability in Year 5

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Year 5 have been out for their first session of cycle training today. 3 more sessions are due in the coming week.


Investigating waterproof materials

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Year 2 had a busy afternoon testing which material would be the best to use as a cover for the boat in the story Lost and Found. We discussed making the investigation a fair test and investigated a range of … Continue reading

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Nursery had an amazing Christmas trip to Hayes’ Winter Wonderland, Ambleside. The travelled on a big coach with their friends. They walked through some ‘awesome’ (Nathan’s words) Christmas decorations display and saw three singing Reindeers! After this, they walked through the wardrobe doors to Narnia. It was beautiful and very white! They met some polar bears, the Ice Queen and Aslan the Lion. However, the best part was meeting Father Christmas in his white castle. He gave everybody a present because all Nursery children have been good! They had their photograph taken with him and some of their friends, then went to make some reindeer dust and decorate a bauble before sitting down to have their lunch. It was ‘wonderful’ but exhausting day. Ten children fell asleep on the bus on the way home! Thank you the adults who volunteered their time and the PTA donation for making this trip possible.

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Helen (Alex’s mum) came into the Reception Class to talk about her work as a radiographer. She showed the children pictures of the x-ray machines she uses in hospitals. The children viewed some x-rays on a light box and matched them to different parts of the body. Then they looked at x-rays of familiar objects such as a kettle, a toy digger and a hair drier. Helen showed us a giant picture of ‘Mr Spooky the Skeleton’ and the children labelled lots of different bones on his body. Since Helen’s visit, the children have been really keen to drink all their milk and have lots of exercise to keep their bones strong. Thank you, Helen, for teaching us so much about our bones.

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EYFS had an exciting day today. The day started with the children coming in dressed up in their Halloween costume. They were keen to show their friends how scary they looked! They had a dance and a few games followed by a tasty party treat. We had a few tired skeletons, witches, ghosts and other spooky characters at the end of the day.

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