A Great Big Thank You!

Dear Parents and Carers
The staff at SJB would like to say a huge thank you for your generous gifts of books. We are delighted to see our new books on classroom shelves ready to share with the children in September.
Teachers chose books to complement their topics. For instance I will be able to read ‘When Darwin Sailed the Sea’ to the class when we study evolution and then have it on the shelves for the children to reread themselves. We also picked books by the same writer as our set texts.  Once children have got into a story they are very likely to want to read more by the same writer. We have now got multiple copies of books in classrooms so that children can share their reading experiences. We could never have afforded this investment without your help. Thank you.
Your generosity gave us the the opportunity to overhaul all the books in school.  We have sorted, tidied, mended.  We put together story books that children can borrow for a bedtime story.  We have collected our non-fiction books together so that teachers can quickly locate books to support a topic. The books that were out of date or too tatty have been given to charity.
About half of the books in the library have been stored. There are now more forward facing books and we are working on some displays to tempt the children. The plan is to swap the books on the shelves with the stored books about half way through the year. We are finalising details on how we can use the library safely and will keep you informed.
We will be in touch in September with ideas for supporting your children’s reading at home.  For now thank you again and see you soon.
Mrs Fletcher and the SJB team
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