BBC Bring the noise school

We are delighted to announce that SJB has become a BBC Bring the noise school! Throughout the coming year we will be continuing to develop our music curriculum and start exciting new music opportunities!

This year we have been working hard on providing musical experiences and lessons for all the children. Every key stage has had the chance to learn an instrument. We provide the children access to ‘gateway instruments’ that will give the children the basic skills which they an apply then to any instrument in the future.

In the Early Years, Nursery have been beginning to play the triangle and in Reception the children have been beginning to learn the djembe drum. In Key Stage One the children have been beginning to learn the recorder. In Key Stage Two the children have learnt the ukulele and the glockenspiel.

In school we are also very proud to have our very own drumming club and two school choirs.

We are looking forward to the future!

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