Visits from Inspirational Leading Women

Year 6 children and staff were delighted to welcome two distinguished visitors to SJB recently.

On Friday 14th June we were visited by Michelle Skeer, Chief Constable for Cumbria Police. Ms Skeer met with Year 6 pupils and answered questions about her role as the county’s most senior policewoman. The children were all in their Mini Police uniforms, which obviously went down well with the Chief Constable! Ms. Skeer said how privileged she felt to serve the people of Cumbria in such an important role.

On Monday 17th June, we were similarly honoured by a visit from the county’s High Sheriff, Marcia Reid Fotheringham JP. Ms Fotheringham, who was accompanied by her husband, spoke about her role, her life and enthusiasms. She told us all that High Sheriffs are allowed to devise their own ceremonial dress, but this must include a black hat and white feather. She also showed us and allowed us to hold the sword that was especially presented to her.

Both of these women are an inspiration to us. They showed us that in Britain today we have a ‘can do’ society which promotes and rewards the very best people regardless of their gender or ethnicity. It was a privilege to meet them both and we thank them very much indeed for taking time in their busy schedules to come and visit us.

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