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Dance Platform-Year 2 and Year 5

Students in Year 2 and Year 5 took part in the annual Dance Platform at UVHS on Wednesday night. The children were understandably nervous before their performances but they were great on stage and we were delighted to hear how … Continue reading

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We’re Going on a Mammoth Hunt

Year 3 have been learning about hunter-gatherers. We stalked our prey through the adventure playground.  Then we used sharpened sticks to see how hard it was to catch a mammoth. Some of us were very good and some of us … Continue reading

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Celebration Assembly

It was Celebration Assembly for KS2 this morning. Well done everyone.

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Year 2 win Gymnastics competition

32 of our pupils went to UVHS today to take part in a gymnastics competition. Year 2 will be going to the Furness Finals to compete for a county place. Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 should be very pleased … Continue reading

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Fractions and division Year 1

We shared 9 into three equal groups by adding toppings to a chocolate bar. Then we cut our chocolate into thirds. Yum yum!

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Year 2 Castle Attack!

Year Two have been learning about the different ways people used to attack castles. We built catapults and castle walls. We then tested our castle defences using our catapults!

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Bikeability in Year 5

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Year 5 have been out for their first session of cycle training today. 3 more sessions are due in the coming week.


Sunflowers in Year 1

We learned about Vincent Van Gogh this afternoon. Then we used brown, yellow and orange paint to paint sunflowers. We used our brushes carefully to create thick lines, thin lines and different sized dots.

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Year 5 Viking topic sets sail.

Year 5 have begun a history topic about The Vikings. They produced longships over the holidays and we have now officially started the topic. This week we have started reading norse myths, discovered how to write using Viking runes and … Continue reading

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Observing Rocks

Today in Year 3 we tested rock samples. We wanted to see how hard the rocks were, how porous and whether they floated.

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