Year 6 Visit to Beamish

On Wednesday 17th October, SJB Year 6 pupils visited Beamish, the open air museum of the North of England in County Durham.

We were blessed with fair weather and our visit proceeded without a hitch. The children enjoyed becoming Victorians for a day, although the rigors of the Victorian classroom were more challenging for some than others. The moment that one of us was singled-out and ‘shamed’ for being left-handed caused a fright, although thankfully most people realized pretty quickly that it was all role-play. We learned about the heroism of Grace Darling and witnessed the ‘delights’ of a Victorian mine, dentistry without anaesthetic and the ever-popular Victorian sweet shop.

Lots of people stopped us and commented on our lovely costumes; thank you for this parents and carers.

A lovely day was made possible by our adult helpers, whom we thank very much.


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