Ice Cold in Robinwood

All of Year 5 took part in our annual residential to Robinwood last week.

Despite the forecast and the ominous looking clouds over Hartside Pass, we arrived in good time and walked to the centre without incident.

The children went straight into their activities with Mr Maher’s group enjoying the warmth of the caves. However, Mrs Tomsett’s group had to dress up as though they were preparing for an Antarctic expedition when they went on The Giant Swing.

We asked the group leaders to focus on listening and teamwork skills this year and the whole class demonstrated these attributes during their 14 activities.

This year’s group were EXCELLENT in many different ways. We have never had so many children scale The Trapeze or reach level 10 on Crate Challenge. They have set a very high standard for next year’s group in behaviour as well.

Mrs Barker and Mrs Tomsett, who both joined us for the 3rd year in a row, had nothing but praise for the children. Thank you both for braving the cold and for coming with us again. Our course leaders also expressed how much fun they had with the children.

Many thanks to Robinwood organisers for having us and a special thank you to Tess, Joel and Alice (our group leaders).



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