Final cricket games at Ulverston CC

Year 5 and 6 played against Low Furness and Pennybridge today in some of our final cricket games of the school year. SJB Team 2, all of whom are in Year 6, won all their games including against SJB Team 1.

Team 1, a much younger side, lost by only 1 run against Team 2 and it is fair to say that tensions were running high in the game. Team 1 scored 248 and Team 2 had absolutely no answer to that until Braden hit 16 runs off 3 balls. The final ball, where only 2 runs were needed to win the match, was a WIDE which should have meant Team 2 won but the batsman then hit his wicket accidentally and we did not count it.

A SUPER OVER followed where each team put forward their two best batsman to face Mr Mr Maher for 6 balls. Team 2, with Braden and Isaac, scored 9 runs. Team 1, with Jack and Ellis batting, had a very tense 3 minutes of play where they scored…8 RUNS.

Credit to Team 1 who showed a lot of character in the final game and gave a far more experienced side the fight of their cricketing lives.

Thanks to Mr Jackson, Mr Carrick and their teams for joining us. We always enjoy playing you. We must do that again!


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