Coniston Old Man walk

10 Year 5 pupils and their parents walked up Coniston Old Man on Saturday. We walked from the Walna Scar car park and up the main tourist path to the summit.

The children explored the slate mines and tunnels as we made our way up the 803m peak. They took to scrambling over the ancient volcanic deposits and leaping over bogs when there were no mines to hide in.

As we arrived at Low Water, we put our warm clothes. The peak was shrouded in cloud and the ripples on the water’s surface indicated a very strong wind was to be expected.

The summit was a world away from the calm weather we had enjoyed further down. Strong winds, rain and near zero visibility did not make for comfortable lunch conditions. We made our way back down very quickly!

Despite the conditions and the steepness of the mountain, none of the children complained at all and we completed the walk in a very good time. The children were full of energy and enthusiasm and they did not look tired even when we arrived back at the cars.

Year 5 and 6 will be offered more weekend walks next year (families are welcome to join).

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