County cricket qualifiers

19 Year 5 and 6 pupils took part in a cricket competition today for the county qualifiers. The group was split in two and played in perfect cricket conditions.

Team 2 played 4 matches and won two of them. They showed lots of skills and the Year 5s will be in their element next year when we come again. This sort of event is perfect for understanding how competitive and demanding this game is.

Team 1 played 6 matches and made some massive scores in the morning (the highest being 311 runs). They played a brilliant St Pauls’ team in their third match and were beaten here because of some fantastic batting from one of their county players (he has a long career in this sport). It took the group a while to gather themselves after this onslaught and the shock was written on their faces. It took until the end of their 4th match when Maddox bowled a blinding over and 4 catches were taken for their energy to return.

Match 5 was incredibly close and the team produced their best fielding display up to then. Braden bowled the over of his life to win this semi-final game by taking two late wickets and Daniel hit 3 sixes to put us through to the final.

The final was their best game by some distance as they faced St Pauls again. They batted superbly this time with Jack, Harry H, Harry W and Ryan powering us to a brilliant total of 274. Isaac then showed nerves of steel by seeing out all 6 balls from their star player and bowling the best over he has ever bowled. The teams bowling was brilliant in this last game and their fielding improved again. We eventually lost the final by 1 run to a great St Paul’s team and many congratulations to them.

This may be the final game at SJB for Mr Maher’s Year 6 boys and girls and that final was an all round great team effort and one to be proud of. Mr Maher would like to mention his Year 5 girls (Holly and Emerald) who played 3 matches but allowed the Year 6 boys to have more games knowing they would play next year.

Thanks to Jake for organising the event and to all the other teams who took part.

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