The Return of Robinwood

Continued from yesterday…

Activities on Thursday continued into the early night. Mrs Barker’s group were joined by Mr Maher for a spot of canoeing and Mrs Tomsett’s group faced up to the climbing wall.

The final day started with the night staff once again singing the children’s praises. All children took part in three activities in quick succession and one group had The Piranha Pool last of all…

One of the most memorable moments from the residential has to be from this final activity:

Child one: (small and scared voice) There’s a piranha in there!

Teacher: (Leaning towards the pool) Yeah, but it’s ONLY a small one.

(Total panic follows with a mad dash across the pool before more piranhas are released).

It was an absolute pleasure taking the children on residential this year. All teachers and leaders were very proud of them.

Many thanks to all Robinwood staff (day, night, cooking and site) for looking after us so well. See you next year.

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