Robinwood Strikes Back

Year 5 visited the Robinwood Activity Centre in Alston last week for three exciting days. All 14 of the activities were focussed on building team work, confidence and resilience.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this was one of the BEST groups we have ever taken to Robinwood and the problem solving and cooperation shown by the children was brilliant. We were also blessed with stunning weather and 3 superb instructors.

Our walk to the centre was shorter than last year which meant we did not need to hurry through lunch and into our first activity. Mr Maher’s group went straight to Nightline while Mrs Barker’s group did stream walk (a baptism of fire considering the time of year). Mrs Tomsett’s group headed straight for the Zip Wire which they all conquered with the help of their group song.

Thursday dawned with the Night Instructors informing the teachers that the children had behaved perfectly during the night. This put Mr Maher into a very good frame of mind and we all wolfed down our breakfast and headed for: caving, archery and The Piranha Pool.

Lunch on the first day arrived and a wide variety of stories from the morning were shared. The teachers loved hearing tales of daring do about climbing and how the children had avoided zombies in the caves.

More pictures will be posted in: The Return of Robinwood.

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