Healthy Safe EYFS!

Over the last two weeks Reception have been learning about how to stay healthy and safe. We had a visit from one of our parents who is a dental nurse and she taught us how to clean our teeth properly. Now we clean our teeth everyday after lunch in the classroom!

We know how to keep safe if there was a fire as we have practised lining up outside when we hear the fire alarm.

We have also been learning about how to be safe on the internet with Smartie the Penguin. He taught us a song about getting an adult to help if we feel worried or unsafe.

Before you tap and click
You need to stop and think

We watched the NSPCC Pantosaurus video song about  telling  a grown up we know and trust if someone makes us feel uncomfortable if they touch us.

If someone asks to see we tell them no.

As part of the topic we also looked at keeping healthy and making good choices including eating vegetables, drinking water, keeping clean and getting lots of sleep!

One of our favourite things to do is our ‘Run a Mile challenge’ (ish). As we only have little legs we run as far as we can around the big playground everyday!

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