Year 5 debate: Should the UK send funding abroad?

10 Year 5 pupils debated a key political issue in front of KS2 and KS1 on Friday: The United Kingdom should send more money abroad to help people in less wealthy countries.

Following on from the Year 6 debate on bullying, the Year 5 pupils debated back and forth about the issues surrounding international aid. The audience had to pay very close attention as this is a complicated and controversial issue. Year 1 in particular listened superbly and all the debaters were pleased they understood many of the concepts.

All pupils had a chance to express whether they were in favour of or against the motion. The audience members voted convincingly that more aid should be sent.

As a school, we are focussing on British Values and democracy. It was therefore up to the debaters, who represented MPs in parliament, to have the deciding vote.

They voted 7:3 in favour of sending more money abroad.



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