South Lakes Safari Zoo

Year 5 visited South Lakes Safari Zoo on Tuesday to support their work on habitats, animal classification and endangered species.

It was a bitterly cold day and for a time we were the only party walking around the enclosures. This proved to be most advantageous when it came to feeding the giraffes as the whole year group could feed them alone. Some children had to be encouraged to give their carrot to these tall mammals. One of the males was as tall as our classroom and its head was gigantic. Its tongue was a foot long and felt like a snake’s skin. No wonder some the children dropped the carrot first time around!

After watching vultures and condors devour a carcass, we headed off for lunch. Luckily, the zoo staff had arranged a large and, more importantly, warm room for us to eat in.

In the afternoon, many groups headed up the hill to the see the exotic birds and the Australian wildlife. After a whirlwind visit of the shop, we departed on a mercifully warm coach. The temperature had dropped to a balmy 3 degrees!

Many thanks to all staff at the zoo for accommodating us. Thanks to our three helpers who make these trips possible and more enjoyable.

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