Year 6 Forest Schools

Year 6 had their first taste of Forest Schools this week.

On Tuesday, 17 Year 6s remembered many of the skills they learnt in Year 5 and showed good independence and initiative throughout the day.

They worked quickly and efficiently showing off how to use the Bow Saw and Sheath knife. They very easily learnt how to use a Bill Hook and didn’t need many safety reminders at all as they worked towards making a stool seat and its three legs.

For the first time, Mr Maher was able to take a big step back a simply let the children get on with it. This shows how far they have come in a short pace of time.

On Wednesday, the weather was particularly cold and the 15 Year 6s were presented with another challenge: the use of an auger (a hand drill with a handle). This was a new tool and it was the first time any of them had used one. Once again they rose to the challenge and it was great to see the many different learning styles. Some prefer working independently while others favour working closer together.

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