KS2 Sports Day

KS2 children had their sports day on Tuesday.

On the hottest day of the year, the children all went outside for their morning and afternoon activities. They were armed to the teeth with sun cream, water bottles and sun hats as the temperature reached a whopping 32 degrees at 2pm.

All the children took part in several activities in the morning: sprinting, hurdles, javelin, egg and spoon and long jump. Although the temperature was rising, all the teachers were very impressed by the effort being put in.

Teachers were on the lookout for those children who showed good sporting qualities: passion, team work, determination, self-belief, honesty and respect. Trophies will be given out to children who most clearly demonstrated these qualities. It will NOT be easy deciding who gets each trophy. There are many contenders!

We were joined in the afternoon by parents and carers who lined the running track to support the children. All year groups did a 1/2 mile challenge with some great sportsmanship and racing on show. This was followed by an obstacle course and relays.

Many thanks to Mrs Hartley, Mrs Dearden, Mrs Parker and all the helpers from UVHS. We all had a great day.



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