Year 1 Coronation Hall Visit

Over the past month, Year 1 have had the chance to visit the Coronation Hall four times to take part in an arts project. The arts project was organised by local artist John Hall and involved making a large map of Ulverston using a range of different materials. The first session involved the children using an aerial view of Ulverston to find where the roads should be placed on their canvas. During the next few sessions the children worked in small teams to sort, cut and glue materials in the correct place on their map. As the map started to take shape, the children had to be very careful to ensure they were placing their materials in accordance with the aerial view. The children were very lucky to receive the help and support of local artists John and Alex and were inspired by their enthusiasm and leadership of the project. The class were extremely proud of the finished map and look forward to seeing it exhibited in the near future.



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