Mud, Mountains and…More Mud.

Ten children from Year 5 were joined by their parents, siblings and Mr Maher as they climbed the Blawith Fells on Sunday.

After looking at the weather forecast for the past few days, it was decided to avoid Coniston Old Man and go for a lower level walk instead. This proved to be a wise choice as the mountain was covered in cloud from the summit to the base. We set off from Wateryeat Village Hall and marched off in the direction of Beacon Tarn. With the weather staying fair, we were all in good spirits and pleased to be out in the hills.

The children set a demanding pace and we arrived at the tarn in very good time. The summit sat a mile away to the north. After a brief snack, we headed off towards it.

Bogs and swamps became common features of the route but the children ploughed on without any fuss at all. Vast fields of bracken lined the path on either side and the dark clouds to the west suggested that rain was imminent. As we arrived at the summit, the wind picked up significantly (good job we avoided Coniston Old Man). Photos were taken and a rapid descent to Beacon Tarn followed.

We avoided the rain completely and arrived back at the cars only slightly mudier than when we started. The children were fantastic on the walk and Mr Maher and his dog (Duke) enjoyed their company. Many parents suggested that more walks should be organised in the future.  Good idea!

Many thanks to all those who took part.




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