London 2016

At the end of June 50 children in Year 6 visited London for the weekend.  We left Ulverston at 5:00am and were at the Harry Potter Studio Experience in Watford by 11:30.  From then on it was non-stop action: Planet Hollywood, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, The National Gallery, a walk along Whitehall, a trip on the Thames, the Tower of London, the London Eye and the Natural History Museum. It was an amazing experience and we, the teachers, would like to say thank you to the children for their enthusiasm and impeccable behaviour.  Now let’s hear from the children!

When you reach the top of the London Eye, the panoramic views will take your breath away.



I liked the London Eye because I could see the top of the buildings and view of the Thames.



When we got to the London Eye we had the 4D experience which was really good.



When we were on the London Eye, Mrs Fletcher and Mr Maher dabbed. It was really funny. LOL.

Alfie H


My favourite place was the Natural History Museum because I got to see ‘Dippy’ the Diplodocus. There was a Triceratops teddy, in the shop, and it was the size of my bed! I couldn’t afford it because it was £700.

Ben E


Everyone loved Harry Potter. It was HUGE! I loved the giant spider but it did scare me. There were a lot of different features involved.



My favourite bit was the National History Museum because of the T-Rex and the Triceratops skull.



When Mr Maher dabbed it looked like Mo Farah’s 2012 Olympic celebration.



My favourite memory of London was walking to the coach in the downpour when suddenly a clap of thunder bounced off the buildings.



I was so excited to go on the London Eye. It was definitely the high-light of London. It was worth every penny. Thanks mum and dad!



It was breath-taking to be with all my friends in the furthest I have ever been. My 2 favourite things about London is the London Eye and the Harry Potter Studio. It was amazing!



I was so excited about the Harry Potter Studio. It was definitely my favourite part of London because you got to sit on the broom sticks in front of a green screen so when you bought the picture it looked as if you were flying.



I found it funny when we were on the river cruise and a man tried to open a window and it shattered.



The London Eye is very scary but lots of fun. It was too high for me, especially when we got to the top.



The London Eye was very fun and very high when you get to the top. It may seem scary and also quite expensive but it’s worth every penny!



I found it funny that, when it was thunder and lightning, Elise said “Oh, I don’t want to go on the London Eye. The lightning’s going to hit me and I’m going to die!” But then when she actually got on the London Eye, she absolutely loved it.



The best part of London was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it was really good and a lot of fancy graphics. Thank you Mrs Fletcher and Ms Davison for a brilliant London trip.



The Harry Potter experience was AMAZING, it was like a dream come true. It had all the props and was like you were in Harry Potter.



I found it funny when we reached the very top of the London Eye and Mrs Fletcher, Mr Maher and Miss Davison including all the children dabbed.

I also found it hilarious when a man on the river cruise tried to open the window. He smashed it and all the glass fell into the Thames.



My two favourite parts were the Harry Potter Word and the London Eye because they were awesome.



My best part of London was the London Eye because of its panoramic views looking over London; you should go on it.



One of the best bits was going to London with my friends and a tired Mrs Fletcher (who hadn`t had a chocolate biscuit in 2 days).



I was so excited about going on the London Eye because I really wanted to see the whole of London. I saw the place where my dad used to be a Queen`s guard on a horse.



I loved the London Eye because you could see for miles in all directions.



I loved The Harry Potter Studios as it was really fun and very intriguing.



I liked the River Thames Cruise because we saw my favourite attractions H.M.S.BELFAST.



I liked the Harry Potter Studios because you could see the props and scenes that they used for the films. It was outstanding.



On the London Eye Mr Maher and Mrs Fletcher dabbed and everyone said ‘3,2,1, DAB!’



The London Eye was the best trip I’ve ever been on. I have not got the words to describe it!



London is one of the best trips I’ve ever been on. Fantastic, amazing, exiting – how can anyone miss this trip of a life time? From Harry Potter to the London eye it’s worth the money.



I thought London is a fantastic trip to go on .It was worth the money; however it is a lot of walking as well as hours on the coach. My personal favourite was the Harry Potter studios and the London Eye, both had mind blowing scenes.



London was amazing! With all the places to see it was fantastic!



London was one of the best experiences of my life and I loved everything about it.


The London trip was good. My best bit was Harry Potter and the Museum and the London Eye.



I couldn’t sleep the night before the London trip. I was sitting up in bed just thinking of the beautiful Crown Jewels and the flight on the London Eye . Finally the day came and I we were all frantically piling on the coach and we all could not stop talking about what we were doing that day. First on the list was Harry Potter studios then we went out to eat. All I could say was it was amazing.



When we got to London we were all amazed. There are majestic buildings like: the London eye, the tower of London and Big Ben. The amount of money our mums and dads paid for us to go was worth it and we made the best of it. You need go especially if you have never been before. We all got the benefit of going. The rooms and groups were amazing, so was the food they provided us with.



When I went to London I was nervous that I would get lost but I didn’t. I was extremely nervous about going on the London Eye because I’m terrified of heights but I still went on it .



It was really fun and just plain amazing. I really liked the room I was with: Arnie, Jed, Finlay, Jimi and Jayden. The best part was Harry Potter.



I thought London was amazing with all the different places that we went. Especially the Harry Potter Studios – seeing all magic of Harry Potter. Also the London Eye was a great; the views were amazing too.



It was a trip of a lifetime. It’s amazing – fun, friends and fantastic experiences all packed into one spectacular school trip.



Well personally, I thought that the best part of the London trip was the visit to Harry Potter. Mainly because I am a Harry Potter geek but also because we managed to go on the 15th anniversary so all of the props that haven’t been seen before were out. Overall I think that the London trip was a success – maybe even for the teachers too!



I think it was the best school trip because you got to do everything on offer and more. They let you be with all your friends and the best group leader.



London was an amazing trip, jam-packed full of fun and surprises. The best bits were Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and everything else.



It was a great experience to go to London with our friends. It was absolutely AWESOME!!



I loved London. It was amazing! At first I was nervous but then I got excited. If I had to choose my favourite it would be all of it. I also loved that I was in a group with my friends. It was the best school trip EVER!!



I had a very fun time with my friends and an extremely enjoyable experience.



The week before I was honestly exited every second! The coach ride was sickeningly boring but Mr Maher singing made my day. Harry Potter Studios was fan-flipping-tastic, definitely, and without a shadow of a doubt, my favourite. This was followed by the London Eye and I managed to get a gift from the stars for my mum and dad; they adored it! It was the perfect thing for my dad’s birthday.



It was great and I loved every minute of it even the queues were fun! We did 8 different places in London and Westminster.



When I went to London my fave bit was (probably) the London Eye, and (definitely) the Harry Potter Studios. I was really happy with the choice of people who were in my group. The bit I hated most was insect section at the natural history museum! Spiders are the least favourite animal. Otherwise it was by far the best school trip I have ever been on!



I got to do so much spectacular stuff! The London Eye was so big. I felt on top of the world. It was amazing seeing all the real Harry Potter props. I even saw the Great Hall.



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