SJB and the Spark Start 100 Mile Challenge

Since starting the 100 mile challenge back in January, 196 children from SJB have become involved. Many have involved their parents and younger/older siblings. They have delighted in telling me and their other teachers how many miles they have done and how they have completed their miles. There has been an element of competition with some students of course to get to 100 miles as quickly as they can and they go beyond as far as they can, with two students exceeding 300 miles!

Many students have chosen to complete their miles in a variety of ways: walking/jogging/cycling/scooting/kayaking/swimming/climbing mountains and so on. They have had opportunities at school to complete miles at lunchtime, at the beginning of PE lessons and after school.

In fact, the biggest legacy I feel comes from this is the running club, which enjoys large numbers   (40 + students) and has given the school the opportunity to further develop links with the UVHS secondary school by using their running track and gaining help from their sports leaders (and a specialist athletics coach who has agreed to work with some G&T students)

We have thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the 100 mile challenge and we look to follow this up with further ‘healthy lifestyle’ initiatives in order to keep ‘drip feeding’ those positive messages and hopefully help our students improve their health and well-being.

As a result of our success, we were asked by Active Cumbria representatives if they could visit our school and take some footage to help them produce a short film to be used in schools nationwide to encourage them to take on the 100 mile challenge.

They visited our school on Wednesday 22nd June, and we were asked to select students to be filmed running around our course, receiving certificates and being interviewed. The children involved were a credit to SJB, but don’t worry, we intend to involved all students who have taken part in the 100 mile challenge soon when we invite the North West Evening Mail in to do an article. Watch this space!

By the way, the children have completed 19,451 miles in total!

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