Back to Robinwood: Part 2

Here are some more photos from Year 5s trip to Robinwood last week.

The images only offer a brief glimpse of the dreaded Piranha Pool where the freezing waters hold a lethal secret. One child helpfully pointed out that he was just going in for a BITE.

Caving proved very popular amongst all pupils and staff. They say that discretion is the better part of valour. Members of the Rapid group could do with remembering this when a zombie is chasing after them and remaining perfectly still is the preferred course of action.

Archery, Night Line and The Obstacle Course all presented their own unique challenges for the children. Team work was absolutely vital on the Night Line.

Many members of Waterfall group showed great courage and determination when scaling the Trapeze. Spring group were an absolute joy to be with when they took to the lake in their canoes-many had never been in a canoe before. Rapid group were particularly impressive during Dragon’s Quest. Their maths and English skills proved very useful in the first game.

There will be a Year 5 assembly in June and more pictures will be shown.

Many thanks again to all at Robinwood. See you next time!

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