Robinwood Part 1

Last week Year 5 visited Robinwood Activity Centre near Alston and took part in 15 exciting activities over the course of 3 days.

The winding roads east of Penrith took us briefly into Northumbria and then back into Cumbria. As the Robinwood centre appeared on the right hand side of a vast valley, the children started singing nursery rhymes with numerous attempts at The Wheels on the Bus.

Once off the coach, the children were put into their activity groups. A walk next to the  railway line yielded spectacular views of the valley, some fascinating local history facts and eventually led down to the North Tyne. The children barely noticed the steepness of the hills as the instructors had perfect distractions for them. Despite the heat and the long walk, the children marched into the centre for a well earned lunch and were shown to their sleeping quarters.

From that point on it was none stop activities until tea time. The Rapid group had a particularly wet afternoon with canoeing and stream walking. While Spring and Waterfall groups had to face up to the activities involving climbing.

More information and images will follow soon.

Many thanks to all at Robinwood for a superb trip. A special thanks to Mike, Ted and Jonny for looking after us so well.

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