Moto SJB

Nursery, Reception and Year 5 lined the running track at SJB on Friday as Mr Maher brought his Tiger Triumph 800cc into school.

Year 5 had previously produced explanation texts on the key parts of a motorbike and also completed a Big Write on how they operate.

Mr Maher explained the importance of safety on motorbikes and some of the younger children asked some particularly good questions about the items of clothing.

The Star Pupil in Year 5 was allowed to sit on the driver’s seat. Because it is such a big bike, he must have felt a little apprehensive as he clambered onto it. If he was nervous, the smile certainly didn’t show it!

With the children sitting well back, Mr Maher was encouraged to demonstrate some riding. Although he drew the line at doing wheelies, the children were happy enough watching some simple manoeuvres on the running track and playground.

Well done to Nursery, Reception and Year 5 for behaving so well. It is great being able to enhance learning by bringing the real thing into school.


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