Nursery supermarket

As part of our focus on ‘Me and my family’ we talked about some of the things we do as a family. One of the things we came up with was going shopping so we decided to have a supermarket role play area in Nursery.

The children enjoyed playing the various roles. They were the shopkeeper who sold the items,   the  customer who bought the items and the shop assistant who stocked up the shelves.

We were pleased with all the learning that took place. We were able to develop language, develop the children’s  understanding of the different roles of people in society, help to develop their ability to share and to take turns. They even wrote a shopping list of the items they needed!

One group made and baked some currant buns. They then iced them and put a cherry on top. This is one of our favourite Nursery Rhyme! Can you guess which one it is? The buns were then ‘sold’ in the supermarket. Each child gave the shopkeeper a’penny’ for their bun and two children gave out receipts (which they had written themselves). They then  sat down and ate the buns! Yum, yum.

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